Lydians to perform its 8th Religious Mass for Christmas 2010!

Greetings from The Lydians!

The choir has had an eventful season thus far with smaller appearances and performances across Trinidad and Tobago. From this month, preparations continue and intensify for the always anticipated, grand year-ending finale - The annual Lydians Christmas Concert.

From a long and successful history of performing major religious works, The Lydians and Lydian Steel, the foremost choral organization in Trinidad and Tobago, under the musical direction of Dr. Pat Bishop, will perform its 8th religious mass for Christmas 2010!

From 1988 to 2009, the Lydians have performed and mastered some of the greatest religious works ever composed by musicians of historical significance. Some of the Lydians' performances include; Requiem - Giuseppe Verdi (1988 & 1998), Missa Luba - arranged by Guido Haazen (1989), Missa Solemnis - Ludwig Van Beethoven (1992), Ein Deutsches Requiem - Johannes Brahms (2000), Vespers - Claudio Monteverdi (2004), Missa 'Rosa' Mystica - Vito Carnevali (2004), Missa Criolla - Ariel Ramírez (2008) and most recently for the Lydians' 30th anniversary, The Messiah - George F. Handel (2009).

For Christmas 2010, the Lydians will perform the 'Misa Cubana a la Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre' - a mass by Cuban composer Jose Maria Vitier, at the Queen's Hall Auditorium, St. Ann's from 9th to 12th of December 2010.

Jose Maria Vitier is a music composer and pianist born and residing right here in the Caribbean, in Havana, Cuba. His style often combines the classical and Cuban folk music styles. His work includes music composed for movies such as "Fresa y Chocolate", television, animation and documentary short films. He has also written compositions for piano, symphonic orchestra, chamber orchestra, among other formats. His most prominent work is his Cuban mass, or 'Misa Cubana'.

In the 'Misa Cubana', Jose Maria Vitier shows his mastery of Cuban music. You are bound to be able to recognize the Afro-cuban sounds in these religious pieces. The syncopated rhythms and nuances in the musical score will sound very familiar to the Trinbagonian ear. Combined with the Lydians Steel, and African and Tassa drums, the Lydians production of 'Misa Cubana' promises to be a melange of beautiful Caribbean music that should not be missed!

Dates to remember:

Misa Cubana performances at Queen's Hall, St. Anns (9th - 12th December)
Tickets go on sale from all Lydians, Signature 2009, Normandie Hotel and La Tropicale, Patna Street St. James (1st November)
Misa Cubana performance at Mt. St. Benedict (19th December) **tentative

For more on Jose Maria Vitier visit his website here:
For more on the Lydians and Lydians Steel visit our website here:


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