MISA CUBANA - Gracias por La Musica!

Four nights of amazing music from Cuba have been successfully completed! And, the reviews are in! The Lydians production of MISA CUBANA has fascinated and touched audiences through the beautiful music of Maestro Jose Maria Vitier of Cuba!

Sunday's concert, the final one in the series of MISA CUBANA concerts at the Queen's Hall Auditorium, was an emotional one for the Lydians, the Vitiers and all performers as the final curtain fell on this unique, artistic collaboration of Caribbean music between Trinidad and Tobago and Cuba.

In a small gathering after Sunday's concert, Maestro Vitier thanked the Lydians, Dr. Bishop and all persons who worked tirelessly to ensure that this concert series became a reality. He relayed that he has always believed in the power of possibility and would take all of the emotions he has experienced through this occasion in Trinidad, back with him to Cuba, to create art and share with his people. His son, Jose Adrian Vitier whose paintings from his exhibition, “Alegorias de la Virgen” (Allegories of the Virgin) were included in the production of the MISA CUBANA translated these words.

In a show of musical solidarity and cultural appreciation during the gathering, the Soogrim-Ram Tassa drummers gifted guest percussionist from Cuba Abel Acosta (Also the Deputy Minister of Culture for Cuba) with his own 'Cutter' Tassa drum! In turn, Mr. Acosta made a generous gift in giving the Lydians all the Cuban drums, which he had played for each performance! The evening ended with further presentations to members of the choir, the organizing team and event contributors.

Three more concerts remain in the Christmas season for the MISA CUBANA this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at St. Patrick's Church, St. Crispin's Church and the Fatima Shrine (Our Lady of Lourdes) on Laventille Hill. The final concert in the series will take place in a few weeks from now on January 9th at Mount St. Benedict.

The Lydians give thanks for the gift of music in this performance, truly understanding the power of possibilities and of finding musical kinship across the Caribbean Sea. Thank you, to all persons who attended the production, Thank you to all cast members, crew, choir managers and organizers. Thank you to the Accompanists, the Lydians Steel Orchestra, the Desperadoes Steel Orchestra, all drummers and percussionists, the Cuban Embassy in T&T, the National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago, West Indian Tobacco and all sponsors and supporters of this initiative.

Finally, a special 'Thank you' to Abel Acosta, and Maestro Jose Maria Vitier and his family for their presence and most of all, for the beautiful music! Viva La Musica!


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