The Lydians 2013 Negro Spiritual project, "Jubilee"

The Lydians present, it's 2013 Negro Spiritual project, "Jubilee"

This concert is the Lydians' tribute to Pat Bishop is intended to become an annual event on the Lydians' calendar. August 20th 2013 marks the second anniversary of the death of Dr. Pat Bishop, our beloved musical director of more than a quarter of a century, whose stamp on the choir's vision, direction, repertoire and ethos is indelible. Throughout its 33 year existence and during the twenty-five years that Pat led the Lydians, spirituals have assumed pride of place in the Lydian concert repertoire. Pat was a devotee of Paul Robeson and Marian Anderson and a host of other black singers. These great voices have inspired the Lydians to deliver these songs with a degree of understanding of their deeper significance.

Principal soloists Eddie Cumberbatch and Joanne Pyle have wonderful Negro Spiritual repertoires but at least a dozen talented Lydians will be presented as soloists in these productions. These songs of struggle and hope and joy will be sung and staged from the perspective of free people with appropriate readings, costumes and set, and we hope that these productions will, in time, develop the same popularity as our annual Christmas concerts.

The Lydians Jubilee Concerts
23rd to 25th August 2013 
The Little Carib Theatre

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