A Journey of Four Hearts in A Season of Love

·        The Lydian Singers and Steel present their Christmas concert, "Christmas - A Season of Love!"
·        Venue: Queen’s Hall auditorium
·        Dates: from Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th December
·        Time: at 7:30 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday; Sunday 15th - 6:30pm
·        Tickets available from
          Signature 2000 at The Market, Hotel Normandie (624-2958)
·        La Tropicale Flower Shop, 23A Patna Street, St. James (628-0769)
·        Queen's Hall Box Office [from 1st Dec] (621-5103 Ext 1)
          All Lydian Members (Hotline: 295-3940)
      EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Early- bird tickets for Thursday and Friday performances only on sale from November 20th to November - 27th at $150 per ticket, only available at the Signature 2000 and La Tropicale Flower shop.

A heart is commonly considered the universal symbol of love. This Christmas, The Lydians’ programme, using the motif of hearts, will take the audience through four musical transitions - ‘The Broken Heart' representing the troubled but lifted spirit of those who may have faced challenges in 2013; The Holy Heart will be a tribute to the mother of Christ, the Holy Mary; The Festive Heart will be a 100% ‘Trini’ Christmas segment; and the finale, The Joyful Heart, will be the joyous expression of Love at Christmas time!

The Lydian Steel Ensemble will be featured performing the George Philipp Telemann Overture in E Minor in their signature Baroque style and will also accompany the choir's many Christmas performance favourites. Astra Noel, Cello pannist with the Lydian Steel will also debut two eagerly awaited song compositions, "Await That Star" and "All I want for Christmas, Is a Pan Man".

Our highly- cherished guest conductors, Victor Prescod and Lorraine Granderson, have been working with the choir over the last few months. Our faithful accompanist is Lindy- Ann Bodden- Ritch. A special arrangement of Relator's "Let's Be Friends" and Parang choruses will be led by noted local composer John Jacob. Also featured will be "At Christmas Your Heart Goes Home" specifically custom-arranged for the Lydians by Sian Carlin(dec.) and written by local song composer Everard Leon.

The Lydians tradition of collaborations continues with a first-time performance of the musical duo, Freetown Collective, comprising Lou Lyons and Muhammad Muwakil. Muwakil, who was first introduced to a Lydian audience by former musical director Dr. Pat Bishop(dec.), will also voice the narration for the programme, taking the audience through the four transitions of the Hearts. The Lydian family expands even further with the collaboration of the Lydian Men with the QRC Chorale for a spectacular combined, all-male chorus of the"Ave Maria". The Lydian men will further shine with a special segment entitled "From Eddie, With Love" featuring renowned Trinidad and Tobago Tenor, Edward Cumberbatch.

For more information on The Lydians and "Christmas -  a Season of Love!" visit www.thelydianstt.com or The Lydians on Facebook.com. For further information call 295-3940.

The Lydians


  1. Is it the same performance on all nights? or are there different performances for each night?


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