Latest CD release from The Lydians Now Available - Jubilee Concert Series of Negro Spiritual music! (Limited Edition)

It's Finally here!
The LIVE, Limited Edition CD of Negro Spiritual music, from The Lydians Jubilee Concert Series is finally here! 

This Christmas Season, give the gift of MUSIC with The Lydians LIVE recording of its Jubilee Concert Series of Negro Spiritual music, done in tribute to the late Musical Director, Dr. Pat Bishop, TC. Limited copies available from Sanch Electronix Limited and at the upcoming Lydians Christmas concert, "Christmas - A Season of Love" from 12th to 15th December at Queen's Hall Auditorium! Call 295-3940 for more information on how to purchase this CD!

If you live outside of Trinidad and Tobago, CDs are currently available from:
The Sanch Electronix Limited Online Marketplace
FIRST LISTEN & Purchase Online here:

Video Highlights from the Concert: 

There is a Meeting Here Tonight

Scandalize My Name

Ride The Chariot


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