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Don't be caught off-beat, make your booking early for THE RHYTHM OF CHRISTMAS email us at

Thursday 10th - Saturday 12th @ 7:30pm; 
Sunday 13th @ 6:00pm.


For reservations and information email or call 338-6024

Tickets will be on sale soon at -
Queen's Hall Box office (624-1284) or
Signature 2000, Hotel Normandie (624-2958)
La Tropicale Flower Shop, Patna Street, St. James (628-0769)
and from all Lydian members.

The Rhythm of Christmas - a feeling, an idea, a beginning, and an ending. Joyous to some, yet to others sorrow. Its coming has visible presence, yet itself like wind – felt and invisible. Musically, it may be likened to a very long phrase line on a sheet of music with notes, dynamic markings and tempo indications all resting underneath, all waiting to express themselves.

The ‘scrip - scrips’ of linens and curtains being washed with vigorous care, the scrape of brooms and rakes on pavement and flooring as lime is mixed to adorn posts, palms and other unsuspecting trees with their white socks of the season. The sweet smell of Pastelles thick in the kitchen, as the clang and scrape of pots warn you to admire from a distance.

The Rhythm of Christmas means different things to different people. Usually its beginnings can be felt around mid September when "the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder." As it develops, many things fall into place: the music (carols, parang), the shopping, the cleaning - all underpinning the annual festival when Christians journey spiritually towards the grand crescendo of the Rhythm - the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

For the Lydians (Singers and Steel), our annual Christmas concert has become recognised as one component of this Rhythm, and this year we also mark the 20th anniversary of the Lydian Steel in this celebration.

The programme will explore the theme of Christmas and the different styles we all use to represent the various aspects of The Rhythm. We travel through traditional carols in the classical style, the infusion of Jazz, Salsa, Parang and Soca beats. We pay respects to the composers of the Baroque (Handel, Vivaldi) and Romantic (Borodin) eras of music, borrowing their syncopations and shouts, as we blend and infuse their works with the verve and vitality of our own local present-day composers. Accented and support by the Steelpan, African and Tassa drums and dramatized with the dance, the Rhythm is a full , engaging experience, a swizzled, steamed and well-seasoned programme.

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