The Lydians go back to Emancipation 'ROOTS'

'ROOTS - A celebration!'
Friday 20th July 2018 | 7:30 p.m.

Earlier this year, Lydians offered choral music event for Emancipation 2018, combining Singers, Steel Ensemble, Drummers, Musicians and Dancers in a full-length concert, performing Folk, Calypso and Afro-Caribbean Traditional music. This Lydians Presentation of ROOTS - A Celebration! was dedicated to past Musical Director and Caribbean Icon Patricia Allison Bishop TC, H.B.M., BA Hons. (Fine Art), MA (History, Hon. D. Litt.(deceased). A visionary whose influence and work has shaped national consciousness and the artistic landscape of the region. Reminiscent of her artistic legacy, we married the music to a sense of history, infusing it with the vitality of dance and the drum! We were honoured in this offering to present works that spanned three continents, as well as the Caribbean, shaped by the minds and hands of her people.

Featured works boasted the hand of longstanding (and long-suffering) Lydian Folk, Calypso, and Contemporary genius John Jacob; younger talents of Natasha Joseph and Michael Hudlin, along with newcomer Kwesi Moore, Desperadoes bass man who has caught the Lydian bug and has happily fallen into the Steel. We are blessed to have them among our number, as we set about to make the future a place of hope and promise. May we all do the work, cheer the young on, and encourage the seasoned to help forge the path ahead. Keeping ever in our minds the mantra: “Until ALL have crossed none have crossed, and some we have to carry.” (ROOTS programme notes, Carl-Anthony Hines, Assistant Musical Director)


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