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Lydians & Svaada partner to raise funds for music mission

The Lydians’ mission statement has remained a beacon over the years, encouraging the group to continue its duty of service to the communities of Trinidad and Tobago, through countless artistic collaborations, crossing the barriers of class, genre and culture. After having lost its only corporate sponsor of 22 years in 2013, the choir has had to adjust, making efforts to search for a new sponsor. For its immediate needs, it has reorganized, strategized and will continue to work toward continuing its legacy onward into the future.
Spirit of Community & Volunteerism The spirit of community and volunteerism is an inherent Lydian character trait. The group's activities have included community outreach assisting many churches of various denominations and other groups across the country. It has also included other charitable institutions in the support of their respective goals. 
The Lydians typically perform – unpaid for many community organizations and in many communities-in-need ac…

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