The Lydians’ “Godmother” has died.

The Lydians wish condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of former Bishop Anstey High School Principal, Stephanie Shurland, and to all Hilarians around the world in this time of mourning. Not only has the school been the home of the Lydians for its 40-year existence, but Ms. Shurland's support and endorsement of our choir from the very beginning is one for which we will eternally be grateful.

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The Lydians perform the Bishop Anstey School Song at the funeral: Watch Here

Story below courtesy Lydian, Gillian Bishop:

"The Lydians’ “Godmother” has died. When Miss Shurland became Headmistress of Bishop Anstey High School, I was already at University in Jamaica. But I got to know her through my sister Pat and our parents. We discovered our mutual passion for curried shrimps and the bond we formed when she treated me one memorable day to a curried shrimp roti lunch at Mangals restaurant was unshakable. Whenever we would meet she would tell stories. A few years ago we met at a funeral and she shared with me the following story: When Mrs Spence was Deputy Headmistress of Bishops, she mentioned to Miss Shurland that she had formed a mixed voice choir; 10 men and 10 women, the latter taken largely from Bishops High School alumnae. She confessed to Miss Shurland that she hadn’t given the choir a name as yet . Miss Shurland recalled a poem which she had read and marked as a student at Naparima Girls School, L’Allegro by Milton. It went thus “ lap me in soft Lydian airs”. And so she declared, “Name it The Lydians!”. 40 years from our naming, we must now mourn the loss of this once great educator, mentor, friend, our “ Godmother”, Stephanie Shurland. Rest In Peace, lovely lady."


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