A New Lydian Direction for 2009!

Dear Friends in Music,

A very Happy (if belated) New Year to you all from the Lydians! Last Sunday's Nine Lessons and Carols service at St. Micheal and All Angels Anglican Church in Diamond Vale, Diego Martin was a special treat for the Lydians, parishioners and well wishers alike. The Lydians offered some of our Christmas favourites from our 2008 Christmas concert series, "The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Christmas" and "From Hill To Hill to Mount St. Benedict." Fr. Ashley Mungal and Dean Nolly Clarke lead the service with moving readings of the nine lessons of the Christmas season and the Lydians accompanied the service with both tradiotional Christmas carols, as well as other Lydians Christmas standards such as 'Red and Green Christmas', 'Go Tell It on the Mountain' and 'African Noel.'

Eddie Cumberbatch gave a pore-raising rendition of 'Then Shall The Righteous Shine' with Myrtle Cumberbatch as accompanist and the ever-popular and inspirational 'Sing Sweet and Low' with John Jacob as accompanist.

During the service Dr. Bishop gave some insight into the new direction she intended to take the choir for 2009. She stressed the importance of "working together to create a space within which we can hear a still small voice of calm." Using music as the medium through which this space can be created, Dr. Bishop intends to continue the "Ministry of Music" with the Lydians, aiming to "take our gifts and our song to where the people are." Whether this ministry will take the form of a nation-wide road tour or something different remains to be seen! The evening ended with the Lydians giving a spirited rendition of Parang favourites, 'Alegria', 'La Pascualidad' and 'Anda Parrandero' written by friends of the Lydians, Los Tocadores.

Overall, the Lydians and Dr. Bishop would like to thank all those who came out on the nights of our free "hill concerts" in Morvant, Gonsales and Laventille and to the special concert presentations at San Fernando Hill and Mount St. Benedict. Also, we would like to say a special thank you to The WITCO Desperadoes who joined with us in this journey to bring some peace and music to the Hills of Trinidad and Tobago.

2008 ended on a somber note as the Lydian community mourned the passing of Mr Hade, long-standing caretaker of the Bishop Anstey High School grounds. Mr. Hade passed away the 30th of December. His funeral was held on Friday 2nd January 10 am at All Saints Anglican Church. During his tenure at Bishop Anstey High, he was ever helpful to the Lydians during our rehearsals and always saw to our comfort while we practiced at the school. Our most sincere condolences to his family and to the administration and students of the Bishop Anstey High School.

To our members, rehearsal begins for the new year on Monday 12th of Janurary 2009 at 7:30 pm in the Bishop Anstey High School Hall. An announcement on the blueprint for yet another year of glorious music will be made. See you there and stay tuned to the Lydians Online (http://www.thelydianstt.com) and this blog for further updates on all things Lydians for the rest of the year!


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