Updates on the Lydians performance of Handel's Messiah (with Steelpan)!

We have finally completed all choruses of the Handel's Messiah! Now, on to the study of nuanced singing and detailing. Early practice sessions continue from 7 pm at the choir's rehearsal location at Bishop Anstey High School.

Soloist rehearsal began for Lydians last Sunday (22nd November) with a session at Musical Director, Dr. Bishop's residence. There was an intense listening session using the Cabrielli version of Handel's Messiah. Dr. Bishop thought the tempi and interpretation inspiring and similar to her vision and her intended interpretation of the Messiah. What did the soloists think? "It FAST boy!" Particular attention was paid to the ornament work to be done by all soloists.

Local television station Gayelle The Channel http://www.gayelletv.com joins the journey towards, "The Making of Handel's Messiah" with the Lydians. Filming began at rehearsal at Bishop Anstey High School on Monday 16th November, with Dr. Christopher Laird, C.E.O. of Gayelle TV!

The first experiment with the Handel's Messiah as a performance to the public was a success! Thank you Santa Cruz RC for your warm reception!


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