A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR, From The Lydians!

As 2011 begins, the Lydians give thanks for another year of music and performance. On January 9th, the Lydians complete the final concert of the MISA CUBANA series at The Abbey on Mount St. Benedict, Tunapuna, Trinidad and Tobago.

Mount St. Benedict is the home of the Benedictine monks who live and work in Trinidad and Tobago. They follow a way of life that traces its roots to St. Benedict of Norcia who was born in Italy in the year 480. This concert is being done in aid of the Benedictine monks and the restoration of the church. More on Mount St. Benedict here: http://www.paxabbey.com/

Tickets cost TT$100.00 and are available at the church office up on the mount (662-5286). Space is limited so book your tickets soon!


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