A Tribute to Pat Bishop's life with the Lydians

As a tribute to Dr. Bishop's life with the Lydians, please have a look at the following photo gallery:


An excerpt from the resume of Dr. Pat Bishop (2005, page 15)...


1. That my fellow country men may find their place in the sun...though that seems now, to be so remote as to be impossible.

2. To retire as soon as possible to a life of books and reading, painting, playing other people's music privately and meeting a few friends from time to time for some talk over good food and a little wine.

3. Not to have to deal with money at all.

4. To be able to believe more fully, with Julian of Norwich, that "all shall be well and all shall be well and al manner of thing shall be well".

5. To be able to leave this world, and soon, with serenity and a quiet mind.

Dr. Patricia Allison Bishop, (1940 - 2011)


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