Special Greetings from the Vitiers, Cuba.

Some wonderful correspondence received from Silvia and José maría Vitier to The Lydians. Maestro Vitier, his wife and his son visited with the Lydians for Christmas 2010 for the Trinidad and Tobago premier of Vitier's work, "The MISA CUBANA". The Vitiers continue to remain close to the Lydians and the group's musical journey continues into 2012 and beyond.


Queridos Lydian Singers,

Hemos pensado mucho en ustedes, en la ausencia de Pat y sobretodo en los magníficos momentos que pasamos juntos el pasado año. Permanecen en nuestra memoria todos ustedes, la música en las voces trinitarias y el cariño inmenso que nos entregaron.

¿Qué concierto hicieron este año?, cuánto nos hubiera gustado asistir.

Ojalá el próximo año nos traiga el regalo de verlos nuevamente.

Un abrazo muy grande a todos, con el deseo de que encuentren siempre el camino del arte, con el espíritu de Pat en la memoria y en sus corazones.

Muchas Felicidades de sus amigos siempre,

Silvia y José maría

English Translation:

Dearest Lydian Singers,

We have thought a lot about you, about Pat's absence, and especially about those awesome moments that we spent last year. These remain embedded in our memory as well as you all and your beautiful Trini voices along with the tremendous love you showed to us. What concert did you present this year? Oh how we would have loved to attend! Hopefully next year you can offer us the gift of seeing you once more! We send many hugs and kisses to ALL, with the wish that you approach all your musical endeavours with Pat's spirit in your hearts and minds.
Your friends eternally

Silvia and Jose Maria


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